After Sight Model 1

You can make your own at home.   

If you purchase:

1. A UVC compatible webcam (most are UVC compatible)

2. A Raspberry Pi 3

3. a 16gb mirco SD card

4. an external USB battery (typically used to charge phones when you are on the go)

5. a USB numberpad

6. stereo headphones

Then Download the image file for the raspberry pi 3 on the downloads page and write it to the SD card using win32diskimager. 

I did a quick shopping cart on and these came to a total of $87.70 CAD. For under $100 you can have a portable system with image to sound conversion (sensory substitution), object recognition of 1000 day-to-day objects, and a face detection/localization function.  You can build this yourself at home in under an hour.