After Sight Model 1

The After Sight Model 1 is not in mass production yet. We applied for charitable status and were rejected by the CRA. This means that when we fundraise, we cannot issue tax deduction receipts as most charities can. Eventually we will fundraise on a non-profit basis. 

Until we mass produce the device, you can make your own. It will be bulky and not have a case that holds everything together. The only function you will be missing is the distance sensor.  

If you purchase:

1. A UVC compatible webcam (most are UVC compatible)

2. A Raspberry Pi 3

3. a 16gb mirco SD card

4. an external USB battery (typically used to charge phones when you are on the go)

5. a USB numberpad

6. stereo headphones

Then Download the image file for the raspberry pi 3 on the downloads page and write it to the SD card using win32diskimager. 

I did a quick shopping cart on and these came to a total of $87.70 CAD. For under $100 you can have a portable system with image to sound conversion (sensory substitution), object recognition of 1000 day-to-day objects, and a face detection/localization function.  You can build this yourself at home in under an hour.