After Sight Model 1 wiht Video Glasses and Headphones

After-Sight is a non-profit based in Edmonton, AB Canada. Our mission is to deliver portable vision assistance devices for the blind/visually impaired by interfacing with national blindness organizations around the world.

Through fundraising, we can achieve economies of scale required to drive the cost of production low enough that every blind/visually impaired person can have a device, and funds raised will be used as economically as possible.


After Sight NFP Members

Michael McWilliams B.Sc., Founder, Director

Brad Norton, Director

Henry Hau, Director

William Lee, Ph.D., Director

Peter Meijer Ph.D., Sensory Substitution Expert

Pranav Lal, Device design consultant

Ares, Software Development

Michael McWilliams, BSc. - Mike started the After Sight corporation with the directors after early indications that a unique and useful wearable device could become a reality. Originally a student of cell biology, he has taken that background and worked in the field of pharmacology/toxicology research, and in the sales and support of specialty chemicals serving the Oil and Gas sector. Happy to meet new challenges in unrelated areas head on, stepping into hardware and software development for After Sight was a natural progression.  

Brad Norton - With a long career in the oilfield services industry in numerous positions, Brad has a unique depth of experience that he brings to bear on the leadership of After Sight. 

Henry Hau -  

William Lee, PhD.. -    

Peter Meijer, PhD. - Peter Meijer received his MSc in Physics from Delft University of Technology in 1985 and his PhD in Electronics from Eindhoven University of Technology in 1996. He worked over twenty years at Philips Research (1985-2006) and four years at NXP Semiconductors (2006-2010). Currently he is working at
a medical startup on classification and visualization of inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis. In parallel with his work in industry he developed an image-to-sound conversion system known as "The vOICe", offering a form of artificial vision for the blind.

Pranav Lal - Pranav Lal is a technology enthusiast. He completed his master’s in business administration in 2002. He has worked in a variety of roles ranging from requirements gathering for an in-house ERP system to information security consulting. He currently executes cyber security projects at a multinational company. He uses the vOICe regularly for a variety of tasks ranging from indoor navigation to taking photographs for leisure.

Ares - The online forum member known as Ares prefers to remain anonymous. Ares provided an efficiently coded implementation of the vOICe for ARM based processors enabling the vOICe to be used on cheap, portable devices.